In version 3.0

New options added: GUI/Console radiobox, "Auto Name Out Exe" checkbox, "XP Manifest" checkbox, "Preferable version" checkbox, "Convert exe back to jar" button, "Version from exe" button, and everything is selectable from "More options" form.

In version 2.0

JarToExeJni: now ignores 64 bits jdk(s)/jre(s) and loads only x32 one,
JarToExeProc: bug fixed to support space char (" ") in jar path.
For both:
- fixed exit process problem
- new feature: ability to include (distribute) the java jre/jdk with the program
  *** you must specify the javaw.exe/java.exe (or jvm.dll) relative path

In version 4 (not yet ready) will come (stay tuned):

1. Pack the generated exe with a packer like UPX ( )
2. Get JDK/JRE path from environment variables
3. Selectable commands for JarToExeProc
4. Fix Windows XP compatibily problems (if I can)