JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc

JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc will convert a jar archive (Java) to an executable file
(.exe extension) - executable binary files for Windows.

JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc features:
- Free to use, without restriction
- No temporary file is created while executing the generated exe
- Smallest exe posible, the wrapper is made in MASM
  *** the generated exe will be MASM generated one 
- Easy to use
- New: ability to distribute jdk/jre with the program
  *** you must specify the javaw.exe/java.exe relative path

JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc - these convertors themself (not generated exe files)
require .Net Framework 2.0 (or better) to run!
If you choose to not include Java jdk/jre with the program
for both (JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc) the JDK (Java Development Kit)
or the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) has to be installed locally.

These tools won't repack (better rezip I would say since jar are zip archives)
the inputed jar archive, but will leave it at it is and it will append it to exe overlays.

What's the difference between JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc?
The way they execute the jar archive, JarToExeProc use CreateProcess Api 
(will create a new process) while JarToExeJni will use Java Native Interface
(Jni) and will not create any process.

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Finally a website for JarToExe was created. This is my second website I create. My first website contained only text and some links. I am not yet a web designer expert.